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Herman Alexander Rosens

We lost our anchor.

Beloved husband, father and grandfather, Herman Alexander Rosens passed away July 2, 2022 at 95 years old. There is now a void, a sadness that will never be filled.

Herman was our rock. He was who we would go to when we had questions on just about anything. He always made the advice he gave sound profoundly great. He taught us to be fighters. He never “let” us win but instead instilled a competitive nature in all of us to do better, not to quit and to be our best at whatever we did.

Herman was a Navy man – 1944-1951 serving in both WW2 in the Pacific and then in the Korean War. He was both a Radioman and part of the Air Sea Rescue Task Force. He was our hero. Awarded both the Purple Heart and Bronze Star he fought bravely for our country and was proud to be an American.

Herman was born December 12, 1926 in Detroit, MI. After the Navy he married his first wife, Mae, and they had his two eldest daughters, Robin, and Karen. One of Herman’s greatest accomplishments was working on the Redstone Missile Project while he was an Engineer for the Chrysler Corporation. Their contract was to fabricate and assemble the rocket that put NASA’s first U.S. astronaut into space.

After leaving Chrysler Herman started his own communication company in Detroit, then moved on to Chicago, then Milwaukee where he married his second wife Janice and had his two younger daughters, Heather and Bridgit. They moved west to Tucson, San Francisco and then finally to the Phoenix area.

Herman is survived by his wife Janice Rosens, daughters Robin Sertich (Richard), Karen Gesell (James), Heather Rosens and Bridgit Egosque (Joseph) and grandchildren Andrew, Allison, Benjamin, Jared, Kyla and Lena. His Military send-off will be at the National Cemetery in Phoenix, Friday July 29 at 10:30 AM.

Herman was small in stature, but mighty in strength and feisty in personality. Our hearts are heavy, and he will be missed tremendously.

Rest in peace Herman.


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