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Online Cremation.



Request a phone call from one of our online cremation specialists by clicking here, or call us directly at




One of Horizon's online cremation specialists will review your arrangement over the phone, and provide you with a few documents for electronic signature.



We take care of transportation, obtain required permits, and conduct the cremation.



You receive your urn &

certified death certificates.


Clarity on cost.


  • Selection of an Upgraded Urn =Additional $250

  • Urn Delivered to your home  =Additional $250

Clarity on what's included.

  • Transportation within the Phoenix Metro Area

  • Refrigeration

  • State Required Cremation Container

  • State Required Permit Fee​s

  • Notification of Death to the Social Security Administration

  • Completion of Death Registration

  • 1 Certified Copy of Arizona Certificate of Death (Additional copies available for $25 each)

  • Cremation

  • Plastic Urn Suitable for Storage, Transportation, Scattering, or Burial

Clarity on what steps to take.

If a death hasn't yet occurred, complete the intake form and notify hospice or hospital personnel of your intention to choose a Clarity Cremation from Horizon Funeral Care and provide them with our phone number. You will get a call from an online cremation consultant the next business day to answer any questions and confirm receipt of the intake form. At the time of need, Hospice/Hospital staff will contact us to arrange for immediate transportation. You will get a call from an online cremation specialist the next business day to confirm arrangements

If a death has occurred at a private residence, group home, inpatient hospice facility, or hospital without a morgue,

have medical or public safety personnel call for immediate 24 hour transportation. Under these circumstances, there is no need to fill out the intake form, as we will get that information from medical/public safety personnel when we take their call.You will get a call from an online cremation specialist the next business day to confirm arrangements

If a death has occurred at a hospital, or if the body has been transported to the Medical Examiner, Donor Network of Arizona, or to another funeral establishment, complete our intake form or give us a call. We will work with you to schedule transportation into our care as soon as possible. We can guide you on what calls need to be made, and can provide any applicable release forms. Our online cremation specialists will guide you through the process.

Clarity on who we are.

Horizon Funeral Care a full service traditional funeral home in Mesa, Arizona. While some families' needs are best met by a traditional funeral home, many people prioritize simplicity, convenience, & maximum affordability. Since our establishment in 2015, Arizona families have come to appreciate and trust Horizon Funeral Care's compassion, professionalism, & affordability. The online direct cremation package builds upon this foundation to offer the entire Phoenix Metro Area the best value for online direct cremation services. Horizon Funeral Care is an AZ licensed funeral establishment & crematory. 

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