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Doris Justine Brittan

Age 81, Dori passed away on November 12, 2018.

As her name is oft repeated upon her passing, I reflect on how she disliked her middle name, yet people remark how unusual and appealing it is. She felt it wasn’t feminine, but her name mirrors who she was, an honest woman full of integrity. Light-hearted, caring and generous with a reputation for gentle sweetness, I think it was her bright smile and sparkly blue eyes that enchanted people.

Family meant a lot to her, she even took her husband’s four kids into her heart and deemed them her own. Married three times, she playfully listed all her names as Doris J. Brittan, Radcliff, Brewer, Sword.

She loved to read books! She read about romance, history and gardening. She was proud of her pre-Revolutionary roots in the green hills of Kentucky and Virginia. Her family has a long tradition of working as farmers and teachers and their heritage of poetry, art, music, nature and education continues. She herself graduated from college with an AS in Public Relations and worked in Realty.

Travel inspired her and she loved meeting people. She roamed across this country and lived two years in the Philippines with her husband and daughter. She visited Germany and its surrounding countries, as well.

Sometimes stories we thought were over are anything but, and we realize that happy endings are rarely easy, or simple. But in the end, whether a new story is taking shape, or an old one is suddenly being reread in a new light, you never know where a really good story might go.

Preceded in death by her husbands and sisters, she is survived by two brothers, Ray and Roy Sword, her daughter, Teresa Wittel, son-in-law Mike, their son Scott, and her four stepchildren with their families: Shawn and Susan Brittan, Scott Brittan, Kyle and Carla Brittan, Lupe Brittan and Michele Hylton, 8 grand- children and 7 great-grandchildren.

Dori will be buried in Kentucky in a family plot near her other kin.

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