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Christopher Thomas Reid

Christopher Thomas Reid

October 17th, 1990 - May 20th, 2018

Christopher Thomas Reid was born on Oct 17th 1990 in Utica, New York. He lived most of his life in AZ. He is survived by his parents Donna and Tom Reid, sister Renee, Nephews Alaric and Kolton, niece Kalea, Grandparents, cousins, other extended family, many friends and friends considered family.

Christopher was a very special person. He was so many things. A beloved Son, Brother, Uncle, Grandson, Cousin, Friend, veteran, artist and the list goes on. He had a golden heart and even during difficult times his light still shined. He would try, and try again.

He was always caring and generous. Even if he had nothing he would still give what he had.

If someone was in need he would surely give the shirt off his back.

He was very creative. He always enjoyed drawing and building things. He spent some of his time as a tattoo artist. He also spent time framing and building houses. He was the type of artist that could look at something and draw it out perfectly. He had a brilliant mind. From a young age he would take things totally apart and put them back together, making the original object better. This was in a sense an analogy of his life. He always strived to be the best. Even if things didn’t always work out the way he wanted, he would take the pieces and try to make something even better.

He had an amazing sense of humor and a beautiful smile. If someone had to break the ice in any situation, he would be the one to do so. He would always know how to make someone laugh. He also had an ability to really reach people and be able to make them smile when they really needed it.

He really loved music and enjoyed spending time playing his guitar. He loved to show his nephews his skills and teach them. He was definitely the “Cool Uncle”. He was always very close to the family. He was loving, caring and protective. He had many friends that he loved and also considered family. He has touched so many lives. He will be greatly missed by many and always remembered. We are truly blessed that we had such a beautiful person in our lives.

Christopher was an organ donor and donated the ultimate gifts to those in need. It is fitting that he continues to give even after life. "To live in the hearts of those we love is to never die"

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