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Cheryl Lee White

Cheryl, or Sherry, as known by friends and family, was born in Joliet, IL to Betty (Sukle) and Edward Lakotich. She was one of three children to this union, with a brother Gary, and a sister Joy Lakotich. Joy remembers her big sister's nurturing care and reassurance along with her unconditional love with deep sadness. Sherry would bandage up her scrapes and cuts, "kiss her boo-boos, and make everything all better." Gary laughs when he recalls his big sister saving New Years Eve when she was babysitting them and they put too much popcorn in the pot on the stove and it started shooting out all over the kitchen, making him and Joy hide under the kitchen table till Sherry could get the stove turned off, and they could drink their "Mogan David wine" and eat their John's frozen pizza. Sherry is preceded in death by her father Edward, and survived by mother Betty, whom she cared for dutifully and with so much love for many years and vowed would never know what a nursing facility would feel like, creating a beautiful home for them first in Illinois and finally in Arizona. Sherry cherished her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren beyond words...more of this coming up!

Sherry had two children, Jane Cooper (Marc) and William(Bill) Kopta (Jen), who were perfect in her eyes, and gave her what made her eyes twinkle...grandkids! She beamed with pride watching Bill graduate from Army Boot Camp, and everyone she met knew her daughter was a Registered Nurse. Sherry never failed to let everyone know how proud she was of this bunch, and she lived for family gatherings. Sherry couldn't wait to come swim in Ken & Shakira's (Washington) new pool, or get her makeup and lashes done by Brittanie(Bethea). She loved to show Armani (Bethea) her plants and how to grow glorious flowers in gardens and pots. She spoke of positive affirmations she shared with Geof (Washington) as he strived for new goals. Sherry loved to follow Kaitlyn's(Doug) and Madisin's (Kopta) journey into independence and shared all the details hot off the press to anyone around! She quietly watched Emily's lovely family expand with a new baby, and said prayers often for continued happiness. Her great grandchildren Zoey, Magnus, Legend, Lorilie, Ronni, Ainsley, Aiden, and Aria made her light up with happiness and she couldn't wait to brag on them often. Sherry was sure to keep up and celebrate life with all of her nieces, nephews, and cousins also, and lived vicariously through their joyous life events!

Sherry was an true empath, she felt deeply and loved hard. A forever romantic, she believed in fairytale endings and happily-ever-after, despite a couple of marriages that sadly ended, leaving Eric(White), and her step children, Eric Jr, April, Aaron, and their beautiful children, perhaps out of sight, but never out of her concern and heart. She dedicated her life to service, as a social worker and social service champion for disabled adults, her life consisted of helping others, she was very active in her church, Sacred Heart, in Illinois before moving to Arizona where she attended local community churches looking for her new church home. She loved her pets deeply, and Homie surely greeted her at the Pearly Gates wagging his tail. Chihuahuas Dulce and Buddy are heartbroken and miss their mama terribly. No one could find a bargain better than her, and she loved a good game of Bingo with her mother Betty. Sherry left her love of gardening behind, and had the most beautiful flowers and vegetables in her yards that earned her Neighborhood Beautification Awards and the envy of neighbors alike. Sherry's favorite flower was the sunflower-she said it was a beautiful happy flower that made her feel so wonderful every time she looked at it. She said they have healing power and magical qualities, and we will forever know every time we see a sunflower, her magic is with us all.

Rest in Peace Mom, "You are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine"...


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