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Organ and tissue donation is an important part of our healthcare system. Horizon Funeral Care works closely with hospitals and the Donor Network of Arizona to facilitate transplantation when circumstances are appropriate and in accordance with the wishes of the donor and their family.


For donors whose age or health prevent organs or tissues from being viable for transplantation, Horizon Funeral Care facilitates donation for research with accredited tissue banks who provide anatomical tissue to medical researchers and institutions of higher learning to advance scientific understanding and to train medical professionals. In the event the research tissue donation is consented to by the legal next of kin and facilitated by Horizon Funeral Care, the subsequent direct cremation services are provided at no cost to the family of the donor, typically adding only a few days to the timeframe for direct cremation.

If a donation to save lives and advance medical research fits with your family’s ideals and approach to funeral care give us a call so we can answer your questions.


For specific questions regarding donation, please contact Horizon Funeral Care directly.


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