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Kristen Wentworth

Kristen was born in Stoughton, Wisconsin in 1955 to Harlow Vindedahl and Andrey Anderson Vindedahl. Kristen was the middle of three children. Her older sister is Kathy, and her younger brother is John, both of whom are still living. Kristin is also survived by her two daughters, Kari (the eldest) and Nicole, and her 6 grandchildren from the marriages of Nicole and Robert Sr., and Kari and Marcus. Kris’s grandchildren are Tiarah, Blake, Robert Jr., Julien, Julia, and Kaia, and her 2 great grandchildren are from Tiarah and Chris -- Maci and Dayton. Kris has a niece and nephew from the marriage of Kathy and Steve – Greg and Kelly, and she has a niece from the marriage of John and Elaine – Victoria.

The Vindedahl family moved between Wisconsin and California throughout their younger years and eventually settled in California. Kris and Stan Noble fell in love and got married in 1973 and had their 2 daughters together and stayed married until 1980. Kris was then a single mother, and her mother, Audrey, helped raise Kari and Nicole. In 1990, Kris, Audrey, and the girls moved to Mesa, AZ. Kris was a daycare director until she became disabled from a work injury. Kristen fell in love again and married William Wentworth, and the two were married in 1996 until he passed away from cancer in 2013.

Kristen as a mother: Kris was a very protective mother with her girls and played the role of father very well, especially when boys were interested in her daughters and were introduced to her. Kris would give an intimidating look to let those boys know not to mess with her daughters, and they were often afraid of her. While this was embarrassing at the time for the girls, Kari and Nicole understood when they became older that their mother did the right thing. Until Nicole married Robert Sr., and Kari married Marcus, nobody was good enough for her daughters. While Kris’ girls were growing up, she was known as the neighborhood mom and she let Kari and Nicole’s friends call her mom.

Kristen as a friend: Kris accepted everyone, and she took time to listen and care for people. She was a beautiful person inside and out, and she made such fun, funny, and adventurous memories with so many people and made friends from everywhere, and she had a way of touching people’s lives in a special way.

Kristen is loved by her friends and family and will be sorely missed as she went to her eternal heavenly home on September 7, 2023.


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