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Walter E. Wilson

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

A TIME TO BE BORN: Walter E. Wilson (Dude) also known as “The Warrior” was born on May 11, 1928, in England, Arkansas. He was the youngest son of the late Walson and Martha Wilson, also from England, Arkansas.

A TIME TO LOVE: In England Arkansas, Walter met the love of his life, the beautiful Ernestine Simpson. They were married in holy matrimony in 1948. The two of them built a life together, on the foundation of love, hard work, and respect. From their union, God blessed them with two daughters, Madlyn Kay Wilson and Mattie Faye Wilson. He also reminded them that if you work hard, you can have anything that you want in life and stressed not to be lazy.

A TIME TO LABOR: Walter started working at the Federal Compress in England, Arkansas, at the age of 16. In 1954, he was transferred to Picacho, Arizona, to establish the Federal Compress. Walter’s work ethic was unmatched, because of it, he climbed the ladder and was promoted to lead foremen at an early age.

A TIME TO HAVE FUN: Walter loved his cars. His motto was you keep your car clean like you keep your body. His favorite things to do was to watch wrestling, boxing, and the news. Some of his favorite people were Muhammad Ali, Hitman Hearns, and Joe Frasier. He also liked Tito Montez and Bulldog Kent. Walter was so proud that he lived to see the first Black president, Barack Obama that he affectionately called, Bobama.

A TIME TO HONOR: Walter was known for taking care of his body, his cars, and helping anyone in need. He was a firm believer in exercising. His motto was, if you take care of your body, it will take care of you. He talked about this even before doctors recommended the importance of exercising. He exercised the natural way. He did pull ups from tree branches. He learned to strengthen his body by holding dining room chairs in each hand, then squatting down on one leg, balancing the whole time without shaking, then raising back up to a standing position. He was able to control his body and his mind. Walter also learned to build strength in his hands. Back in the day, when can goods were made out of heavy tin, he would practice squeezing them until he mastered bursting them in one hand at will.

A TIME FOR PASSION: Walter was a natural bodybuilder. He was strong mentally and physically and his strength was his super power. People would come from afar and wide to see him and his supernatural strength. Where men would need machines, Walter simply needed his hands. He used his strength to defy nature. He could relate to the young as well as the old. Through the gift of his strength, he was able to draw young men to him to teach them. He would teach them the knowledge of exercise, health, and wellness. He would teach them how their body was a machine in which they can strengthen. As an example, at the age of 87 he was still walking 5 miles each day. Walter used his gift of strength to impact and empower all of those around him.

A TIME TO GIVE: Walter also had a heart of compassion. He had a big heart. He was able to feel the need of his neighbor and lend a helping hand. This help even included the shirt off of his own back if necessary. He would go out of his way to help others especially women and children in any way possible. Walter was a strong pillar in his community.

A TIME TO IMPART: Walter Wilson was a proud man. He was a man of integrity, a man of his word. And anyone that came in his presence felt it. We walked tall, in his own power and strength; thus, giving others the liberty to walk in their own power. He exemplified strength, courage, and power.

A TIME TO REST: Walter had an impeccable work ethic and did not know the meaning of rest. After 50 years of working for the Federal Compress, he retired in 1994. Three months later he opened his own business, a lawn care service. He worked as an entrepreneur in various capacities until he could no longer work anymore. And it is during this season of rest, that Walter rededicated his life to Christ and served Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

On three different occasions, Walter beat death. The tending doctors and nurses lost hope, but Walter would pull through. He would say, “I will never give up, God is the one that keeps bringing me back, not you.” And from that point, they affectionately called him, The Warrior.

Philippians 3:14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

A TIME TO DIE: Walter lived a life to be remembered until his heavenly Father called him home on May 21, 2020.

Daddy, would want the world to know that it wasn’t the virus that took him out, he would want the world to know even a warrior has to rest.

Preceding him in death are is father and mother, Walson and Martha Wilson. His wife, Ernestine Wilson. His daughter, Madlyn Kay Wilson. His sisters and brothers: Alice Wilson Harrison, Harvey Wilson, Emma Jean (Big Baby) Wilson, Belauh (Little Baby) Wilson, Woodrow Wilson, Jesse Row (Nig) Wilson, Ethel (Tutti) Wilson, and Nadine Wilson. A grandson, Tony (Bear) Brown.

A TIME TO MOURN: Walter leaves to mourn and to cherish his memory seven children, Mattie Faye Wilson Mass (Frank), Nadine Foster, Roy Foster, Damein E. Wilson, Barabara Wilson, Antronika Wilson, and Raishun Wilson.

Nine Grandchildren: Latonya Caraway, Anthony Wilson, Jamar Wilson, LaTosha Williams (Shambric), James Hughes, Daryl Mass (Roe), Jerry Brown, Jean Bliss, Brandy Bullock (David), Damianna Wilson, Tianna Ontiveros, Damein Wilson Jr., Rah-Jaan Barnett, and Rai-Nique James. 16 great-grandchildren, 2 great-great grandchildren, and a host of nieces, nephews, family, and friends.

SPECIAL THANKS: To my special son/brother/nephew, Dr. Richard Harrison, thank you for your love, your commitment, and for doing what was right by family. I never forgot all the things you have done for the family.

To the late Jack McGill, thank you for loving me, guiding me, and fathering me as your son.

A TRIBUTE: The Federal Compress Family’s Quarters these are the very individuals that laid a solid foundation of love, integrity, unity, and strong moral values for the future generations. They worked hard, and even though we started with humble beginnings, because of our solid foundation, we reaped the wealth of education, love, and great success. No distance can be too far to break the bonds of love that we share with these families.

Mr. Walter E Wilson,

Mrs. Earnestine Wilson

Mr. Wardell Cade

Mrs. Lulah Cade

Mr. Ira (Slim) Burns

Mrs. Alma Burns

Mr. Jed Shorty

Mrs. Ailene Shorty

Mr. Lawrence Walton

Mrs. Edna Walton

Mr. Wesley Davis

Mrs. Maola Davis

Mr. Floyd Allen

Mrs. Johnnie Mae Allen

Mr. Clarence Davis

Mrs. Mary Davis

Mr. Willie Clark

Mrs. Henry Lou Clark

Mr. Buddy Dye

Mrs. Callie Mae Dye

Mr. Robert Witherspoon

Mrs. Hattie Witherspoon

Mr. Jack McGill

Mrs. Irene McGill

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