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Thank you for providing the required vital statistic information. 

A copy of your submission and the information and links below have been sent to the email address provided.

We have recieved your submission regarding the vital statistic information that is required for the completion of the death certificate. There are some additional items required to finalize the arrangements. If you prefer to finalize arrangements in person at the funeral home, or if you have questions, please call us at 480-338-1497.

An email with the below information has also been sent to the email address you included in your submission. I have provided links to the following documents and sites: 

1. General Price List: This document is provided to fulfill an FTC requirement regarding the disclosure of pricing by funeral homes. It does not require your attention, but I am happy to answer any questions you have regarding its contents. 

2. Consumer Brochure: This document is provided to fulfill a State requirement regarding the provision of consumer protection information to funeral home customers.

3. Cremation Authorization (e-sign): This document is the authorization form for the cremation. If you are coordinating cremation then the legal next of kin needs to sign this document. This link allows for an e-signature. If you prefer to print and sign the document manually you can download the file here and email, fax, or text an image of the completed form.

4. Death Certificate & Merchandise Selection: This is an area of the Horizon Funeral Care website that shows urns, caskets, and other merchandise available for purchase, it also lets you notify us of the number of death certificates you will be ordering. After reviewing this section you can enter and submit your merchandise preferences using the Merchandise Selection Form, or by contacting us over the phone.

Please contact me or my staff at any time with any questions.  


James Robinson

Owner & Responsible Funeral Director

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